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New book – JOY RIDE

John Lahr’s latest book JOY RIDE, including his very best New Yorker profiles and reviews, will be published by Norton (US) and Bloomsbury (UK) in September. Stay tuned for further details…

‘John Lahr writes ­ beautifully ­ about the theatre and those who make it with an unrivalled blend of enthusiasm, perception and analytical precision. This book is justly titled; his joy is irresistible.’
– Nicholas Hytner

‘100 years from now this is where people will look to see what it was like back then. Bravo!’
– John Guare

‘We’re on the cusp of rehearsals for “Hamilton”, and reading your intimate profiles of these playwrights gives me immeasurable courage and heart.
I’m in your debt.’
– Lin-Manuel Miranda

‘Former New Yorker drama critic John Lahr (“Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh”) spotlights more brilliantly neurotic theater personalities in his latest incisive exhuberant collection from the magazine…Lahr’s reportage, trenchant insight, and infectious love of the stage will remind readers of how exciting modern theater can be.’
– Publisher’s Weekly, June 22, 2015

‘Mr. Lahr patiently mines the essence of his subjects–playwrights, directors–with the affection of a fan, the insight of a confidante, and the authorial flair of an experienced critic. The effect is often delicious. Lahr’s work for the New Yorker offers something of lasting value. A delight
to read.’
– The Economist