kenneth tynanAudio Cassette read by Simon Callow

Irreverent, indiscreet, wildly funny. sad, shocking and inspiring, the diaries of Kenneth Tynan are legendary. For over three decades, on both sides of the Atlantic. Tynan was at the hot centre of the theatre and film worlds. He knew everybody: and everybody wanted to know him. His diaries bear witness to the fame he courted and the price he paid for it.

A brilliant and feared critic. Tynan was a notorious eccentric, a lcuche sophisticate: connoisseur of cuisine. wine, literature and women. These sizzling diaries will remind older listeners of a man whose reputation as one of the greatest critics of the twentieth century is still unchallenged and introduce younger ones to an electrifying writer who simply could not be boring.

Listen to Tynan’s account of dinner with John Osborne and Jill Bennett